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Join The National Enquirer's Astrologer Maria Shaw as you set sail for a 7 day spiritual journey on Caribbean waters!

Enjoy magnificent ports filled with mystery and history. Be part of Maria's Enlightenment Cruise and indulge in classes and lectures as well as special events that include:
Maria's Crossing Over Gallery;
Messages from Heaven. Maria channels healing and heartfelt messages from loved ones in heaven in this audience gallery session. Come with an open heart and an open mind to receive messages.
Learn how to Predict the Next 9 years of Your Life - Using simple numerology techniques, Maria teaches you an easy formula to predict your special personal year. Find out if this is the year you will be extra lucky or perhaps you should focus on building your career. Is a move in your future or more?

How Old Of a Soul Are You? You've probably heard the term Old Soul from time to time. Find out what this means and your life purpose!

Plus more lectures of interest!

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